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  • MicroNX is a company that specializes in dental equipment R & D,
  • design, and manufacturing with 15 years of experience in the field,
  • developing the world’s best micro motor technology such as engines for dental implant procedures,
  • electric motor systems for dental chairs,
  • and many others.


MicroNX continues to connect laboratories and manufacturing plants for the standardization and specialization of quality and to exert its best efforts to become a company that creates values of trust and dependability in addition to quality.



  • Established in July 2001, development of handpiece
  • Obtained micro motor certification
  • Obtained permission to manufacture medical instruments
  • Obtained ISO 90001 and CE certifications (TUV)
  • Certified as a venture business
  • Designated as a promising export firm by the Small & Medium Business Administration
  • Established a laboratory affiliated with Kyungpook National University BI Center
  • Awarded One-Million-Dollar Export Tower Prize
  • Received Presidential Citation
  • Awarded the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize
  • Awarded the Ministry of Knowledge Economy Prize
  • Applied for six patents and utility models
  • Participated in overseas dental exhibitions
  • Designated as a Leading Technology Innovation and Development Project
  • Designated as an Enterprise Cooperative Technology Development Project
  • Applied for two patents
  • Received Export Merit Citation
  • Exported up to USD 1.2 million in 2007
  • Participated in overseas dental exhibitions
  • INO-BIZ certification
  • Applied for three patents
  • Nail filing H/P dust suction device
  • INO-BIZ certification
  • IMS Support Project
  • Designated as a Job Avoidance Factor Solution Project
  • Participated in overseas dental exhibitions




  • Localized BLDC motor
  • Developed ultrasonic scaler
  • Built and expanded manufacturing plants
  • Participated in overseas dental exhibitions
  • Designated as World-Class Product by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • Commercialized BLDC H/P
  • Registered three patents for BLDC motor production technology
  • Designated as KOTRA-Guaranteed Brand
  • Designated as Excellent Technology Development Business
  • Released the world’s smallest portable handpiece
  • Received Gyeongsangbuk-do Governor’s Citation
  • Participated in 15 international exhibitions including Germany IDS Dental Exhibition in 2011
  • Unit chair for low-speed dental handpiece
  • Commercialized and exported loading E-type electric motor
  • Localized 150,000 RPM BLDC handpiece,
  • dental implant engine and micro motor




22, Maeyeo-ro 1-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea(41059)
Telephone : +82-53-650-1000Fax : +82-53-650-1001

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