CI Regulations

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CI Regulations

  • MicroNX is a company that specializes in dental equipment R & D,
  • design, and manufacturing with 15 years of experience in the field,
  • developing the world’s best micro motor technology such as engines for dental implant procedures,
  • electric motor systems for dental chairs,
  • and many others.

CI Regulations

When developing products, MicroNX conforms to regulations and principles of logo application to prevent damages to the image caused by distortion, deformation, and abuse of identity.

CI Regulations

CI Regulations

MicroNX’s new CI symbolizes strength and passion of business that works its way around the world.
  • The symbol that contains challenge, passion, precision, expertise,
  • and stability represents a new leap toward the world market and a business mind-set that places emphasis on trust and mutual cooperation with customers.

Standard Logo

  • A logo is the most fundamental element of the CI system
  • Thus, it is used correctly in accordance with regulations per item specified in manuals.
  • When developing products, the regulations and principles
  • of logo application are followed to prevent damages to the image caused by distortion, deformation, and abuse of identity

Standard Logo (One Tone / Gray Scale)

  • The one-tone logo is used for packages or special printing (gold leaf, silver leaf, tooling, etc.),
  • Moreover, the one-tone logo may be used for a special signage or window decal.
  • The gray scale logo is used for black & white printing, such as official document forms, etc.

CI Color Type

Dedicated color

  • In principle, spot color printing is used to represent dedicated colors.
  • However, 4-color printing may be used depending on the characteristics of the dedicated media.
  • There may be subtle differences in color reproduction according to the printing method, concentration, paper quality, etc. However, the optimal conditions are maintained..

Graphic motif

  • The graphic motif of MicroNX represents a singular entity embodying change, challenge, and organization.
  • Independent shapes are gathered together to form an overall image.
  • Geometrical figures with edges symbolize MicroNX’s
  • products that are used for cutting and crafting.

Designated fonts

Fonts for text



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