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Product Guide

Medical Beauty

  • MicroNX exerts its utmost efforts to
  • provide various dental equipment based
  • on the world’s best precision
  • micro motor technology.

Medical Beauty

MicroNX has obtained a CE certificate through qualified procedures and strict tests, such as a manufacturing permission from the Korea Food and Drug Administration, a medical equipment purpose fitness certificate from the Korea Testing Laboratory, etc.

Fabulo BL30N

Rechargeable & Portable Nail Drill Machine(Brushless Type)




Product Composition

Please check the optional product provided. Parts other than the main components may not be used separately.

Product Specifications

Please check the voltage and the electric power of the product, and conform to the instructions.

Fabulo BL30N full package

Controller BL-30N
Weight 295g
Dimension W 150 x D 115 x H 75 ㎜
power supply voltage 16.8V, 1.0A
Battery 14.8Vdc, 1.2A(Li-polymer Battery)1.2Ah
Power Consumition 20VA
Model BL-300H
Type Brushless
Speed Up to 30,000 rpm
Weight 132g
Dimension L 132 x Ø21.8 ㎜
Bur size Ø2.35 ㎜
Foot pedal
Model FS-30E
Function Motor On/Off
Class of protection IPX1
Weight 122g
Dimension W 96 x D 100 x H 25 ㎜




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