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Press Release

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Press Release

MicroNX has a mass of customers

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The “ELEC-Surgi (LED optic)” that MicroNX, a company specialized in manufacturing electric motors, launched for the first time at SIDEX 2015 received a highly positive response. The “ELEC-Surgi (LED optic)” that has a powerful torque (up to 80Ncm), torque representation in real time, and convenient interface with large LCD screen improves its durability with the use of a European-style BL (Brushless) DC motor


Furthermore, the “ELEC-Surgi (LED optic)” gains popularity with the basic installation of Mont-BLANC (20:1/Optic/Made in France, Anthogyr), which is a luxury implant angle, at a reasonable price point. Wash of the Mont-BLANC is made easy as it can be disassembled and reassembled. With high precision and durability, the Mont-BLANC is a product with top-notch specifications.


MicroNX carries out free replacement and special sales promotion in May to celebrate the release of the ELEC-Surgi. A customer who purchases the ELEC-Surgi implant engine in May can be receive discounts of up to KRW 1 million through trade-ins of existing implant engines. All purchasing customers will receive, for free, the German Sirona handpiece (optic) worth KRW 1 million.


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