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[AEEDC Dubai 2015] MicroNX achieved excellent results in selecting new…

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MicroNX (jeongjaegyeong representatives) in the national interest of the exhibition visitors were a variety of products including electric motor handpiece 'ELEC' attracting a sensational popularity.

The exhibition booth MicroNX dental motors in the lineup went visited the new dealers in many countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

MicroNX is catching the eye with magnificent booth design, compact, yet once again drew attention to the strong performance of the product.

Dealers who visited the booth showed a lot of interest, especially in the new 'ELEC' was first launched in Middle East market.

Jeongjaegyeong representative said, "The exhibition was participated as a priority in the selection and recruitment of new dealers and completed a number of local dealers and the meeting schedule has a very performance ever." Chung added that "Dubai Trade plans to continue to participate in the future as large a role as a gateway to the Middle East."

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